Our Missions Philosophy

FBC Philosophy of Missions:

A. Definition: 

     Missions are identified by our church as carrying out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15 and Acts 1:8).  This is the preaching of the Gospel to the end of making disciples.  Making disciples includes salvation, baptism, joining a local church and Christian growth.

B. Goals: 

     We shall place primary emphasis on evangelistic and church planting ministries.  We shall place secondary emphasis on supportive ministries (medical, educational, etc.)

C.   Area of Missions Field: 

     We will consider home missions as important as foreign missions.  The field is the world (Matthew 13:28) and missions begin at home (Acts 1:8) Furthermore, we will endeavor to develop geographic balance throughout the world.  When choices are to be made in the world the 10-40 window will be given preference.

D.  Missions Agencies:

     These agencies or boards exist to assist the local church with its missionary work.  We will not allow them to replace our responsibilities, authority or unique position under God.  (Acts 13:1-2 and 14:26,28).